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b. 1986, Los Osos, CA


I was born and raised in Los Osos, California, where I spent my childhood exploring the mysteries of fog-swept cypress trees along the estuary's shore and wandering the coastal dune scrub and rocky shale reefs of Montaña de Oro State Park.


After studying abstract expressionist oil painting at UC Santa Cruz from 2004 - 2008, I became interested in mythological symbolism and the ancient arts.  This interest led me to explore the art traditions of cultures worldwide: Indigenous North American art (both modern and ancient), Japanese graphic design and emblemism, South Pacific tatau, African textile design, Ancient Greek pottery, Ancient Egyptian bas relief carvings,  European rock & cave art, and so on.


I strive to build a bridge between scientific and mythological worldviews.  It is my intention to show animals and plants with a respectful scientific integrity, but also to give honor to the ancient traditions and depict them in a mythologically and symbolically rich setting.


I believe that the non-human life around us is our original source of culture, connection, and well-being, and that visual art can be a profound means of reconnecting to these non-human people in an act of cultural storytelling.


Salutations to the stars: our first ancestors.


Thank you for supporting my work!

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